Octasmart® Hybrid Mattress is now exclusively available at Conforama

Octasmart® Hybrid Mattress is now exclusively available at Conforama

Octasmart, the fastest growing sleep brand, which has transformed sleep for over 6 million people around the world, are excited to announce that their amazing Octasmart® Hybrid mattress range is now available in Conforama. Octasmart® creates innovative mattresses, toppers and pillows powered by Octaspring technology. The unique patented spring technology allows better comfort, 8x better breathability, helps you sleep 3 degrees cooler and it has been scientifically proven to help you sleep fastest, deeper and longer.

Octasmart® is proud to announce that the Octasmart® Hybrid mattress collection is now exclusively available in Conforama stores nationwide. There are lots of sleep choices on the market, and Octasmart® believes that sleep technologies like Octaspring® will really make a difference in offering people a revolutionised sleep experience. The patented technology has been used in mattresses for decades, and just recently it has begun being used in business class seats within the aerospace market. The comfort, breathability and a lighter spring structure of our mattresses contributes to better comfort on-board.

Greg Suthern, CEO of Octasmart® International, says “We are proud that our Hybrid mattress range is now available in France, and will help customers get a truly refreshing sleep. Our mattresses have been a sensation worldwide, and the incredible combination of the Octaspring technology and individual pocket springs brings new levels of comfort to the everyday consumer.”

Mattresses are now available in store, for more details visit:


About Octasmart:

Octasmart® is one of the world’s leading sleep company with the smartest of sleep science at the centre of its unrivalled innovation across the global sleep industry. The continual regeneration of Octasmart®’s product portfolio is powered by their patented award-winning Octaspring® Aerospace technology, recognized as the only true sleep innovation to be created in decades. Sparking a revolution in the sleep industry, Octasmart® launched the first mattress in a box in 2002 and have continued to redefine the concept of comfort ever since with a diverse offering of versatile solutions from budget to luxury designs. Since their initial success in 2002, Octasmart® has become a world-renowned sleep brand expert, expanding its reach across 40 markets worldwide thriving as the fastest growing sleep brand that is on a mission to change world comfort one soothing sleep at a time.


Madeleine Morgan

International PR & Social Media Manager

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