OCTAsmart Anatomic Pillow

OCTAsmart® Anatomic pillow

Anatomically designed with two graduating heights, the Octasmart® Anatomic pillow is designed to deliver unrivalled support for your neck and head, helping your spine to stay aligned with a firm, supportive foundation.  Creating a harmony of comfort and support, this reimagining of Octaspring® technology is perfect for everyone with a dynamic design that delivers delightful dreams no matter what sleeping position you prefer.

Adorning Your Sleep with Anatomic Innovation

In a fresh fusion of Ecocell® and Aerocell® breathable memory foam technology, the Octasmart® Anatomic pillow smartly engineers Octaspring® to deliver first-class support, adorning your sleep with the very best in anatomic innovation. Its SMARTcomfort engineering works in balance with its OCTAvent™ Air System to promote natural fresh airflow that cools your bed by 3°C thanks to its 8x more breathable structure. Innovatively anatomic and beautifully breathable, it holds the promise of falling asleep faster, for longer deeper dreams sustained by spine-tingling support.

Mattress Detail

Smart Performance Cover

The Smart Performance cover of the Octasmart® Perfect Sense pillow breathes life into its design with hundreds of comfort pockets that are made of super breathable hypo-allergenic material. Pro mesh panels are infused into the design to add extra advanced airflow for the coolest of comfort.

Octaspring technology

At the heart of its design, the Octasmart® Anatomic pillow is integrated with a smart structure of Octaspring® technology. Its flexible 3D formula helps to alleviate pressure, adapting to every inch of your head and neck for customised support graduated across two heights.

Dozens of Comfort Points

The Octasmart® Anatomic pillow is infused with dozens of Octasprings® that deliver advanced anatomic support across graduating heights. Each Octaspring® spring moves independently, instinctively adapting to your neck and shoulders for specialised comfort and improved sleep quality.

OCTAvent air system

As a result of the open spring structure of the Octaspring® layer, the OCTAvent™ air system is able to naturally enhance the breathability of the Octasmart® Anatomic pillow.  Each individual spring works as a mini-air pump, ventilating your pillow with a continuous flow of fresh air, responding with the natural movement of your head for cool calming comfort.

Pro Mesh Panels

Pro Mesh panels promote enhanced breathability increasing airflow with their 2mm diamond-shaped vents. Working in combination with the OCTAvent™ air system, the Pro Mesh panels help to wick away moisture lowering body heat for cool comforting sleep.

Beautifully Breathable

The beautifully breathable nature of the Octasmart® Antomic pillow is powered by the OCTAvent™ air system. Its naturally 8x more breathable design encourages advanced air flow, cooling your pillow by at least 3 degrees for longer, deeper sleep.

Smart comfort engineering

In an innovative blend of Octaspring® technology and unique comfort materials such as Wellsleep® fibres, the OCTAsmart® Anatomic pillow uses SMARTcomfort engineering to alleviate pressure from your neck and shoulders. The fusion of these two sophisticated technologies creates unrivalled support and contouring comfort with each spring in the Octaspring® layer intelligently responding to your unique body for customised sleep graduating across two heights.

Anatomic support

With a graduated design of two heights, the Octasmart® Anatomic pillow encourages optimal spine alignment whatever your sleeping preference, helping to soothe and support with anatomic innovation.


Smart Performance Cover

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Product Specification

OCTAsmart® Anatomic Pillow

Powered by multi-award winning Octaspring® Aerospace technology, the OCTAsmart® anatomic pillow is the smartest pillow we have ever created.

  • What makes Octasmart® so smart?

The OCTAsmart® anatomic pillow is no afterthought, it is just as smart as the OCTAsmart® mattresses and toppers - in fact, perhaps even smarter! Powered by the multi-award winning Octaspring® Aerospace technology this isn’t just a pillow, it’s a luxury mattress for your head. The Octaspring® technology in the OCTAsmart® pillow will adapt to your sleep position whilst the anatomic design with two heights will provide the perfect support whatever your sleeping preference, helping to ensure your head is in its natural position aligned with your spine.

  • Like Sleeping On A Cloud

The hundreds of comfort pockets built into SMART performance cover will make you feel like sleeping on tiny clouds. It adds extra freshness allowing better air circulation and letting hot air escape your bed. Perfect for anybody with allergies as it is hypo-allergenic.

  • Smart Comfort At The Heart

In the heart of the pillow is smart Octaspring® technology that moves 3-dimensionally and offers customized support for every inch of your head & neck.

  • Anatomic Support

Anatomically designed with two heights to provide perfect support whatever your sleeping preference, helping to ensure your head is in its natural position aligned with your spine.

  • Points Of Comfort

Every single Octaspring® adapts to you to alleviate pressure from the neck & shoulders, improving comfort and providing better sleep quality.

First Class Comfort

Recognized as the best new comfort innovation in aerospace, Octaspring® technology brings first-class comfort to your bedroom.

What our customers have to say

  • Carol Dirom-Holton

    Carol Dirom-Holton


    The best thing I have purchased in a long time. For the first Time in a long time I get a great night's sleep every night. I would highly recommend this product and this great service.

  • Sarah Green

    Sarah Green

    It really has made a huge difference – it’s transformed our sleep and it’s basically like having a brand new bed!

  • Livingstone

    I was so surprised how comfortable the mattress was. I woke up with no back pain or aches and pains everywhere. I wish I had one years ago. I have recommended this product to my friend who is thinking of buying a new mattress.

  • Ratcliffe

    Fabulous best nights sleep for years and the best news is I’ve got years more of them

  • Julie

    Had the best nights sleep in a long long time, I suffer from back pain and have to move several times normally but from the first night I hardly needed to move at all so had a great night, this has continued since I received my mattress. It works so much better with the pillow too, cannot fault it so far.

  • Brown

    Best mattress ever - worth the wait!

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