OCTASPRING® AEROSPACE TECHNOLOGY; pioneering the future of first-class comfort technology, whilst peacefully preserving the future of our planet.




Powered By Innovation

Octaspring® technology is the biggest innovation in aircraft seat cushions, that will bring game changing improvement to passengers and airlines.

Aerospace ready

Octaspring® seat cushions have passed essential aviation tests and are ready to fly.

It Literally Breathes

Octaspring® technology is naturally 8x more breathable vs standard foam, which makes Octaspring® seat cushions cooler and drier.

30% Lighter

Each Octaspring® spring uses roughly half the weight of a foam block, resulting in up to a 30% weight reduction.

Smart Comfort

Individually placed Octaspring® springs offer better pressure distribution & comfort vs standard foam.

Kinder To The Planet

Octaspring® technology uses 50% less material, and produces virtually no waste.

Ergonomic Support

Octaspring® technology is also truly unique, we use different firmness zones that are cleverly designed with your body in mind.


Octaspring® technology offers limitless possibilities of customisation.

Satisfyingly Smart Comfort

Everybody is unique, so why shouldn’t your comfort be unique too? With a passion for customised comfort, we take inspiration from you, the individual, to expertly craft supportive smart science that instinctively adapts to your body to yield optimum comfort levels that are personal to you.

With this in mind, our experts designed Octaspring’s® eight-sided foam springs to move independently in a three- dimensional structure of varying degrees of firmness with focused comfort zones corresponding to different parts of the body. Working together in this flexible formula, Octaspring® technology adapts to the unique curves of your body, providing a whole new level of elevated ergonomic comfort. Smart Science for Smart Comfort.


A blissful Balance of Breathable comfort

Breathing with the movement of your body, Octaspring® is dynamically designed to naturally expel warm humid air and draw fresh air back in. Instinctively responding to the motion of your body, Octaspring’s® intelligent ventilation system provides a breath of fresh air use after use, with a blissful balance of breathable comfort.

Tried, Tested and Certified

We are committed to delivering comfort that ticks all the boxes! That’s why we continually challenge our comfort technology throughout the production process with our own stringent standards, as well as the rigorous tests of the aerospace industry.  In doing so, Octaspring’s® exceptional technology not only surpasses standard foam but has received the aerospace seal of approval, delivering star-quality comfort that is durable and dynamic in design. Take a look at the advanced aviation tests we have passed!

Springs back to life

Octaspring® Technology springs back to life with its incredibly smart science that regains its original shape time and time again, making it the perfect comfort technology for seat cushions as it continually adapts and improves over its performance lifetime.

Protecting your Dreams by preserving the planet

At Octasmart®, our dream is to cradle your life in caring comfort whilst continuing to protect our planet. That’s why eco-conscious comfort is a top priority when it comes to pioneering new smart science that doesn’t cost your comfort or cost us the earth. Octaspring’s® comfort combines three key elements; its smart, supportive AND sustainable. By using 50% less material in the production process with absolutely no waste, our aerospace seat cushions are up to 30% lighter. That’s a saving for just one seat; imagine a whole aeroplane of seats. In fact, imagine just ten of the thousands of aeroplanes flying today being fitted with Octaspring® seats…

Lighter and kinder to the planet

The astounding aerospace weight savings we can make with every Octaspring® seat cushion at 30% lighter is not only smarter for the airlines in cutting direct Co2 emissions but also in airline fuel costs, creating a smart sustainable solution for airlines and the environment.