Aerospace Technology

Brilliantly innovative, it combines the comfort of foam and the responsiveness of a spring. And it’s clever. Octaspring® technology is designed to move independently in three dimensions. So, working together, they take comfort to a totally new level. Because everybody’s body is unique, we teamed Octaspring® technology with different degrees of firmness into zones. These correspond to different parts of the body, and intelligently adapt to your personal size and shape. The result is a uniquely responsive comfort. SMARTcomfort. 

Welcome to the Technology of Comfort

To seek comfort is part of being alive. 
Our passion is to bring you more comfort in every aspect of life – at home, at work and on your travels. Using our skills in the technology of comfort, we re-imagined its very nature. Then we re-engineered its essentials to create a new concept of comfort.


Octaspring® today

Millions of customers around the world count on us to deliver a good night’s sleep with our reliable, high quality and above all, innovative sleep solutions. We are proud to break the boundaries to bring first class comfort solutions from your bedroom to your living room, in the office and on your travels - literally, making life more comfortable.

We love comfort and the fact that it is different for everyone. Our passion for creating comfort has engineered a solution designed to dynamically achieve the optimum comfort level. Octaspring® springs are designed to move independently in three dimensions. So, working together, they take comfort to a totally new level.  

Everybody and Every Body is unique. That’s why we teamed Octaspring® springs of different firmness’s, in zones to correspond to different parts of the body. Octaspring® technology intelligently adapts to your personal size and shape. The result is a uniquely responsive comfort. SMARTcomfort. 




Our Aerospace Journey

Taking Octaspring® technology into the sky has been our biggest challenge and greatest journey so far. Our research team spent months creating the most comfortable aircraft seat cushion and our proposition was simple - we have created the most comfortable, ergonomic and supportive seat, which will transform the way people travel and will lower the impact on the environment by lowering the weight of the seats and consequently CO2 emissions. 

The result: our business class seat developed with Airbus won the most prestigious Crystal Cabin Awards for the best new innovation in aircraft interiors. We have developed first class and economy seats, as well as a luxury mattress for the first class apartments. We hope that next time you travel you will have a chance to enjoy a more comfortable flight on Octaspring® technology. But until then, you can enjoy first class sleep in the comfort of your own home.

It Literally Breathes

 The unique Octaspring® technology ventilation system provides a constant airflow – body movements push warm humid air out of the specially designed sides of the mattress, drawing fresh air back in. It’s like Octaspring® technology actually breathes – providing a fresh surface use after use.

Kinder to you

and our planet

Lighter and kinder to the planet

The weight savings that we are able to achieve with every Octaspring® seat cushion, translates in direct CO2 emission cuts for airlines and environment.

Multi - Award winning

We love the recognition that world leading design and aerospace experts bestow upon our innovation. In last 18 months Octaspring® technology has won the most prestigious Crystal Cabin Award in the best aircraft interior material, nominated best passenger comfort innovation by APEX, won the gold award as best Comfort Design by Edison Awards and nominated as the best new seating solution (Yacht and Aviation Awards).


Octaspring® technology has received awards in sleep, support and design categories - Best new technology (IF awards), Best Sleep technology (Interior Innovation awards). Best new comfort product ( Biggest innovation award), best office support (Iconic), best pregnancy pillow (Mums awards) and best support pillow ( German Design awards).


The OCTAsmart® mattress is the smartest mattress we have ever created.


Upgrade your mattress for a first-class sleep experience with our OCTAsmart® toppers


Powered by award winning aerospace technology, our pillows are like a luxury mattress for your head

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