We Dreamed A Little Dream..

It’s no secret that babies sleep, a lot! From their first baby breath to their first tiny steps, sleep is essential to their development. At Octasmart®, we have always dreamed of transforming Octaspring® technology to shape how your little one sleeps, supporting their growth with the best in sleep so they can learn, develop and grow big and strong. That little dream has now come true with our new baby mattress collection for the smallest of sleepers. 

Octasmart x Träumeland

As Europe’s leading creators of sleep comfort for babies, we knew that partnering with Träumeland on our journey would be a match-made in heaven. Known for their high-quality innovative technology and attention to detail, we knew we shared a passion in creating sustainable solutions to protect your little one and the planet, designing a baby mattress that would be safe and embrace innovation. 

Mattresses that literally breath

After two years of collaborative design and development, we are proud to present a collection of 3 Octasmart® x Träumeland Baby mattresses that lovingly blend the craftsmanship, attention to detail and highest standards of Träumeland with our innovative Octasmart® sleep technologies. Designed to cradle your little one with caring comfort, our new collaboration supports your baby’s sleep with the enhanced breathability of Octaspring® technology and is free from harmful toxins whilst sustainably protecting their sleep, reducing our carbon impact to create a sustainable future for your baby.


Static Mattress

Signature Micro Air Pocket cover

Our signature cover features  hundreds on micro air comfort pockets for better comfort, cooler  and fresher sleep. Plus, breathable airmesh sides helps promote ventilation.

Breathable top layer

Neeed a new story for the layer which has special air holes to enhance the breathability of Octaspring technology.

Octaspring technology

How it breathes and supports at the same time.

Airmesh sides

The hypo-allergenic signature cover protects you from allergens, mould and dust mites, but also naturally helps wick away moisture - for a fresher night’s sleep.

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Octasmart Träumeland

Inspired by Octaspring comfort technology, the Octasmart Träumeland mattress protects your little one with essential comfort that supports their developing spine with ergonomic relief whilst soothing sleep with a blend of beautifully breathable foam innovation that breathes life into your baby’s bed time
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Octasmart Träumeland Plus

The Octasmart® Träumeland Plus design is the next generation of caring comfort, taking the original Octasmart® Träumeland Mattress to the next step with sumptuous support boosted with an additional layer of luxurious memory foam.
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Octasmart Träumeland Luxe

The Octasmart® Träumeland Luxe mattress is perfect for your little prince or princess, combining two comfort technologies in one design of sophisticated support. Its superior structure is built on a foundation of Octaspring® just like the Plus mattress and given a traditional twist with the classic technology of an individual pocket spring layer.

Why Octaspring technology?
















Breathable Bedtime

As your baby starts discovering how to move its body during their early development, the breathability of their mattress is essential in enhancing air circulation to help them breath; especially when they become strong enough to turn in bed or accidentally roll onto their belly. Our Octaspring® technology at the heart of our new Octasmart® Träumeland collection, provides 8x better breathability than standard foam thanks to its innovative Octavent air system. By drawing fresh air in and expelling warm humid air, it instinctively breathes with your baby’s body to promote cooling comfort that cradles and supports


Incredible support

In our first formative years, we sleep 14 hours a day on average. At Octasmart®, our experts set out on a mission, collaborating with Träumeland to make sure those vital years for your little one are nurtured with tender loving care and support. Every minute of sleep counts, not just for your baby but also for you as, just like our little ones, we need time to recuperate too. The sophisticated structure of Octaspring® imitates hundreds of micro air channels that our experts call Octavents. Inspired by your little one’s body, these instinctively inhale fresh air and exhale unwanted warm air, naturally cooling their bed by 3 degrees. Thanks to this smart responsive science that delivers cool, dry comfort for longer, your new-born can fall asleep faster with deeper, longer sleep. So, with the promise of undisturbed rest, you know you will have time to yourself before baby wakes and you’re back to feeding, burping and bathing.

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